Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Virgin Blogger

yeah so my best friend, V, got me to start this blog and all day i keep logging on thinking that i know what i will write and then logging off and trashing it. but then a Miracle just occured here at IAB...well not so much a miracle as an act of sheer blondeness on my part. and TADA i have something to write about.
so V was making copies and i needed to make a quick copy so i jumped in while she was in the middle of hers and put my paper in. Now the copier at our work needs a copy code to work an dout of habit i punched in the code and hit copy.
the next thing i knew the copier was spitting out one copy after another and another i looked down and realized that V was already logged in and when i put in the code again i actually set it to print 747 copies!!!! We acted fast and stopped it but apparently not quite cause when the next person went to use the copier it finished printing all my copies....all 747...ahhh just another day at the office. thats why i'm gonna be a doctor then i dont have to worry about those damn copiers, i'll just pay someone to copy stuff for me


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