Thursday, June 23, 2005

Board Again

So once again i find myself sitting here at work. I've finished everything that "had to be done" and now i pretend to be busy untill its time for the run at 2pm( where i drive all over campus for work). maybe i wouldn't pretend if i felt like doing somthing but there is something about working through lunch that wears you out.
I'm actually looking forward to my run this evening with V. I kinda wish that it were rainting though. but V doesn;t like to run in the rain. i dont know what it is about rain hitting my face but it makes me not hate running.
your legs always get so cold too. the rain beating against them as you run. the last time i ran it the ran by the time i got to the end of the block my legs felt like i was wearing shorts at 40below and fell face first into the snow outside of Pats hottub. they burned with cold untill i hit Trainer gate, then the numbess set in and suddenly they felt like lead weights attached to my hips but i kept running. the rain smacking me in the face saying "little girl yoru crazy, go home..." with the sleeve of my sweat shirt i wipped the water from my face and pushed my hair back from matting on my face. i glanced down and my legs were bright red as the blood rushed through them trying to heat them up again. My feet splashed down into every puddle , the water spraying back up and running down my frozen limbs defeating the purpose of my body's desperate attempt to force them warm again. but my legs dont feel tired when they are cold, just numb so i keep running. down Trainer Gate, Past my old Middle school, i keep going. the rain falls harder and the clouds thunder " LITTLE GIRL RUN HOME" but each set brings me farther from my house. i turn down and cross Trainer Gate. Suddenly a mud puddle, i veer to the left and run gown the small muddy path. at first i try to aviod the puddles lunging from side to side, leaping and shortening my stides in random succesion the SPLASH a miscalculation and mud streams down my right leg. but i dont stop. now i lunge tward the puddles letting my three year old side bust loose and with child like energy i sprit down the dirt trail.
As the trail ends and my feet hit pavement i'm back to being 20. my pace slows slightly and i realize just how soaked i am and the rain begins to slow to a sprinkle, just enough to rinse my legs. I reach the end of my block and see my truck in the distance. as i run on it grows larger adn large and i run faster and faster untill i tag its front bumper. i slow to a walk and head into my yard, to collapse on the rodiron bench in the yard.i lean back adn let the last bits of rain stream down my face like tears....I love running in the rain
oh look time for the run...good thing its sunny


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I love your blog. Its so poetic... Its actually interesting to read, whereas mine is really boring and just "this is what I did today." I d'ont know if you know where it is but its


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