Monday, June 27, 2005

Another weekend of being invicible leading to Monday morning pain

So have you ever had one of those weekends where you regress back to the age of 10 and think that you are invinceble once again? Then the alarm goes off monday morning and you hit back to 20 like a bird hitting a windshield. worste part is i didnt have to drink to be dumb, i can do it all on my own.
Friday i was doing good. Micheal and i had a nice calm evening together and by calm i mena we jumped forward a few years to 85 and went to bed at 8. then saturday i got up early and began painting my truck....still doing good. but then saturday evening came around and boredom set in and with boredom comes crazy stupid ideas. well the night didn;t start out crazy or stupid but staying up till four was not that good of an idea. then me,v, ron, aleena, felishia and some other girls went looking for some fun...never found any and neless to say we drove around untill 4am, got to talk to a trooper, almost ran out of gas, saw 2 moose, and a boy with an uncanny resembalence to my bue. oh adn how dare i forget V getting the nerve to ask a boy to a party just to have me spoil it by not letting her get his number ( sorry V you were on a roll and then i jumped in broke the side of the wanding pool). then we almost picked up two "party Mormans" but i think we scared them and by we i meen i was only there for moral support cause i got my own party guy back at home.
but the really trouble came Sunday when i went out to the lake again with micheal. we went knee boarding and tubeing. and oh yeah i horsed around with kent and tay on the water trampaline, not so much horse around as fall down. and i felt liek a kid again all day. then this back is hating me right now and if i could just get my neck back in line after that nice crash into the lake on the knee board im sure that it would feel alot better. who knew that water suddenly turned into cement when you crash into it going 40 mph face first ( i probably wasnt going that fast but the speedometer in teh boat was broken so i only know how fast it felt like i was going) oh and did i say why i crashed? yeah my Baby jumped the wake and almost ran me over.... :)but i still love him


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I love reading your blogs. I know I've said this a couple times, but its just so poetic and fun to read. Instead of like, then I did this, then this, then this... it is like a epic. LOL! :D I totally forgive you for the number thing. You were just trying to help, and he was probably a psycho anyways. He has my number still though. :D


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