Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Great OutDoors: From a truck bed....

So i had another intresting weekend.LOL i say that past tense even though the weekend isnt over. Pretty much i camped all weekend. Had fun in the great outdoors and watched the world go by from a truck bed. Did think of some good Bumper stickers though so no one can say that it was a waste "Some Gentalmen open doors for you, But real Gentelmen close tailgates." That was one of them.
Micheal and i had a "discussion" Friday. I keep wondering why God made Love so complicated. Why if you love somone things cant just work out? Guess cause then you would never really love them cause there would never be the chance for you to get hurt, you would never have to trust them. WOW what an enlightenment, and i havent even been drinking...
Seriously though, i feel like i can think so much clearer when i'm laying in my truck bed staring up in to the sky.Or Micheals truck bed looking out the topper windows watching the rain beat down on our camp fire, Each drop sizzling for a second as it extinguishes a small part of the flame.and the Heavens just keep falling threatening to extiguish the fire right down to the inner most hot burning coals. I couldnt help but think of love.
the way that only hours earlier i had painstakingly tried to light the kindling, scortching my thumb and cursing paper that wouldnt stay lit. then a small flame broke loose, and the wood slowly ignited and a radient heat warms my hand. Micheal kneels down beside me and kisses my cheek. " you need to give it air.." he lowers his head and blows a long gust under my small flame... the flame disappears and the coals beneth it burn red and orange. then as he leans back to grab more wood the flame returns stronger and longing for more fuel. he asnwers it needs and tosses a few larger sticks into its firey fingers. he leans down again and Blows another gust into the belly of the beast and againt eh flames wither and the burning coals glow with passion. and when he stops the fire has grown.
i think back to this as the rain threatens to extinguish both the fames and its coals. How for years Micheal and i have been building a fire. it stated out small and how its grown and how now, as the rain falls down we're fighting to keep the ever changing world around us from smothering what we've worked so had to build. the rain begins t slow outside teh window and i can feel micheals hand on my side, "I think its stopping" i turn back to look at him... he leans forward an meets me half way for a kiss. we ventured back outside and look at the ruins of our fire. he kneels down again and places more kindling over the drentched pit. then without a lighter or the matches he leans in and give one big gust of breathe.... our coals burn bright and ignite the kindling once again.


At 3:39 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I know I say this every time, but I am amazed every time. My writing looks like an albino compared to yours (which is more like native skin). LOL! Mine is just, did this did this did this, just as my personal diaries and journals have always been, but yours is so deep and so poetic. If you ever decided you didn't want to be a doctor, you can always be a poet or writer. :D Love You.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

wow, I REALLY like the new layout! It looks great. :D


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