Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ah the first day of classes is done! the bookstore is stupid and half my books arent there anymore and whe web order i placed is in Limbo somewhere....Good thing i blew off all my steam this morning working out so i'm not a pissed as i normally would be. I remember now why i like school so much, the time at work goes by so much faster....
Speaking of work i have gotten 2 requests to tell the story from the other day and no objections not to other than my own, mainly because everytime i think about it i turn red all over again.
So here is waht happend.....Coleman came up to the Business office to get petty cash. As i was filling out the form i started to write his name down, then stopped and realized that we had never been formally indtroduced and that i was just assuming he was Coleman. so i asked "Coleman, Right?" he said "yeah, how did you know?" now here comes the part where i should have thought before i spoke "Oh my friend met you and thought you were cute and then we had this running joke....she described you and i guessed...." He got this big grin on his face and was like "A joke?" suddenly i realized what i had said SHIT!" Umm was nothing...." i began turning red, he leaned on the counter "commmonlets hear it...." he smiled.....i turned redder "We used to call you the perfect camping accesory....." my face was like a beat, i was suddenly very hot and knew i was sweating . he turned and walked into the hall laughing....oh GOD change the subject Rachel, change the freaking subject!.....i began asking him what he had bought so that i could write in the description on the form and "oh yeah coleman, what is your last name?"
He answered all the questions as if i had said nothing....Good your in the clear, hes forgetten all about it...... "Coleman, is that with one N or two?" "One....Like the camping gear....." i looked up and he had this huge grin on his face....OH SHIT, turning red again...OH NO and here are those stupid little girly laughs that you cant control....GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF GIRL MY GOD!!!!WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?....Please dont snort please dont snort......"I got camping alot" i looked up at him again and said "yeah me too, i have alot of Coleman camping gear too, a tent , a stove...well not a stove, my dad lost it on the river last year....." he just smiled "Well, about that petty cash, anyway i could get it today?" "I'll see what i can do...""ok see you later today, just call the shop if it is oked by then, i need beer money this weekend..." then he walked off down the hall and i fell under the desk completely mortified, and in my head...STUPID STUPID could i say that to him? OMG
So now that it is obvious that i am a complete nerd we can move on.....But if anyone knows how i ended up with Micheal when i obviously cant be trusted to talk to cute boys on my own without makeing a complete ass of myself and making fun of them, please explain...or maybe i did make fun of Micheal and thats why he liked me....INTERESTING.....


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