Thursday, August 18, 2005

Update on V

V was doing much better yesterday...she was remembering thing fairly clearly although the days seemed kinda jumbled and monday and tuesday are still really blurry for her. I'm so happy, i was so worried about her....she scared me that day...and i felt helpless cause i couldnt help her.
She called cause she felt bad about not being able to go to my MRI with me cause she knew that i was nervous...but i made it through and didnt freak out too bad. I understand that she felt bad about not going but i was running late anyway and i really dont think that they would have let her come back there with me.... she was too loopy still. and they lied, i wouldnt have been able to hear her talking to me, i have ear plugs in and the machine is really noisey....and i dont think that she could have held onto my leg of anything cause even though they were only scanning my head and back i think i was completely inside that machine.
She spent her first night in her apartment last night, i think she was excited about it. and i guess today she is moving out of the dorms completely..and as a side note i am kinda worried that after her and Ron arent living together i might not get my bike back... cause i dont really have a way to get ahold of Ron other than through V adn Ron is moving too so its not like her phone number is gonna stay the same. when i lent her my bike i was under the impression that she was only gonna borrow it for a couple weeks untill she got paid. Now i am kinda thinking that i might not get it back....wich is gonna get me introuble with my dad cause he didnt really want me to led it to her at all cause he had paid for it, i think kinda to make up for me not getting anything for my B-day.... so he feels like i just gave away my birthday present.
V, if you are reading this i have been trying to ask you about getting my bike back for a few weeks so you cant be mad at me.... i've sent you texts and have tried to talk to you about it but then get side tracked so dont feel like i am writing this behind your fact i sent you a text just today.
I like Ron, but i do want my bike back before school starts/ you guys dotn live in that room anymore.
well i guess that is all for now...i have noticed that my blog has gotten very boring lately. i was all creative at first and now i am just like, this this and this happend...BLAH BLAH BLAH my boring life.... well the car accident made it alittle more exciting but not in a good way.... Fuck i just changed my time sheet for work and now i think i should change it again and just go home...i do need to pack for Valdeez this weekend and get my fishing license..but i dont even know if we are really going yet...cause micheal is dragging his feet. Maybe today it just one of those restless days where i want to be out doing anything else but work...
"Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do." - Jose Ortega Y Gasset


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