Friday, August 05, 2005

A Day For the Books

OK so yesterday was one of the worste days ever. It was really stressful for me but i am feeling much better this morning. V quit yesterday and there was a TON of drama that insued. Then to top it off i got home to find out that my mom was really sick and at the emergency clinic because she had had this massive head ache and was throwing up. They gave her some shots that made her really loopy and i went there with my aunt to pick her up. She road with my aunt and i drove her car home. there is a really gross story to go along with that too...i guess i might at well tell it:
so i hate driving my moms car. for starters its a mazda....then it is so full of crap that i cant even see out more than half the windows, i love my mom to death but she is a pack rat. oh and did i mention that her car is also one of the ugliest cars on the road. this is mainly my dads fault, a few years ago he backed into her car with his truck and crunched the door. I swear someday when i have money i'm gonna buy her a nice car, a candy apple color too cause she looks awsome in red. so any way i am getting in her car to drive home when i hear her calling my name in this really funny doppy voice cause the pain meds are kicking in, i dotn see my mom doppy very often so it cracks me up. she was like "Rachel, Rachel, give me that white bag!" i looked down and there was this white plastic bag that i was sitting on so i shifted my weight to pullit out from under me but she was already at the car reaching over me and getting it herself. and as she drug it past my face she said half laughing cause apparently she thought it was funny "there is puke in it...."
OH GOD! i thought i was going to puke!....i am like the biggest germ-a-phobe which is why so many people think that it is amusing that i am going to school to be a doctor. I was like "MOM! thats gross!" i must have been dry heaving in the clinics parking lot for 10mins while my aunt and mom laughed at me....
thankfully however my mom is doing better this morning. the headaches that started the whole mess have passed and the meds have worn off. whats weird though it that Leah apparently got sick yesterday around the same time, and was puking and such too. So i guess i lucked out in that boat... i was just starving by the time i got home but i didnt have a head ache or feel sick.
so all in all it was an interessting day, bad but interessting.
I think now is the time to take a deep brethe adn just let it go now..........ahhhh
ooo and i ate breakfast today! i never eat breakfast, but i figured that i should start eating a little something in the morning so that i am not so hungery right after work, cause i tend to over eat after work cause i am so hungery. and i never seem to get hungery untill like 4pm. alright ya'll bye


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