Thursday, August 18, 2005

Somthing Just Doesnt Feel Right

Something isnt right... Micheal has been acting weird this week and its starting to bother me. He just seems really distant. And the other day when i saw him he wasnt wearing his ring anymore...i questioned him about it but he just kind shrugged his shoulders and said that he must have taken it off for a shower....but then he got up to go to the bathroom he didnt put it on... i asked him if it bothered him, he was like "if what bothers me?" i was like " your ring..." he just kinda said no and then went back to watching TV...
But i'm almost positive that he hasnt worn it all week, i kept thinking about it last night cause i couldnt sleep, and it seemed like he was trying to hide his hand fron always sitting with it away from me. I'm gonna stop by the shop today after i pick up my MRI results from the hospital....i dont know what i'm gonna do if he still isnt wearing it...
I know some people might be like, it;s just a ring its not like you are married....but its more than that. the rings we wear are physical promises we have made to eachother, promises that tell us and everyone else that we are in love and plan to be in this for the long haul. By taking off the ring (either one of us) its says "im not sure that i want to be with you...." without even having to say anything.
they are promise rings and they symbolize promises that only micheal and i understand. the last time that either of us took our rings off for this long was when we broke up in december.... adn i took it off because i was done, and when i took it off i really had no intention of ever putting it back on....over the past few years the rings have come to symbolize much more than they originally had....when i first put this ring on it was just a piece of jewlery, now everytime i look at it reminds me how much i love the man who gave it to hold just as much if not more meaning than a wedding band because it reminds us of not only the promises we have made to one another, but the good times adn hard times that got us here....its hard to explain....shortly adn plainly the represent our love....
so maybe you can understand why it is bothering me that he has taken if off for so long...not just a "i was taking a shower and forgot to put it back on..." not even an " i lost it" or "my brother flushed it down the toilet" (which really happend once). if hes still not wearing it tonight when i go over there i guess it answers everything in a way though....i pray to God he is wearing it...i Pray that this is just my pariniod side...but something just doesnt seem right


At 8:31 AM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

:) thanks yeah things are good, hehe my birthday's on the 24th and i found out the suprise, a suprise birthday party that Danny is going to be at, i wish i didnt know now so i could be properly suprised and i think it upset Danny that i know because i think he wanted to actually suprise me. so it kinda sucks that i know, but seeing him will be the best thing ever :D

i'm sorry to read about Michael takeing his ring off, i can understand the signifficance of it all and i hope that he's put it back on.

and it's good about V but she'll come to realsie that you do all care about her or you wouldnt be there at all


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