Friday, August 26, 2005


I had the best night ever with Micheal the other day. We havent gotten to spend alot of time together recently, or at least it seems that way. And although i am likeing this new found together but independent thing, i was begining to miss him. The night started out bad, he doesnt have a cell anymore sense some brat stole it so getting ahold of him is nearly impossible at times.He had told me that he would call me when he got off work...well 7:oo wa fast approaching and he hadnt called.So i took the initiative and called his house only to find that he had supposedly left at 6. So a little pissed and disappointed thinking that he had blown me off.
So i went to dinner with my parents and the end of dinner we got a phone call from my brother and his wife, one of the puppies had just died and they were on their way to our house to bury him in the "pet cemitery" out front. So i got home and helped Jere dig a hole and we burried the little thing, rightly named Tootles. He was so tiny, it doesnt seem fair sometimes. as we were getting ready to lay him in the whole a loud rumble came down the street. I turned around and there was Micheal, stepping out of his Monsterous toyota (i'll have to put a picture of this truck on has a 12in lift on it and the frame sits 2 feet off the ground, the biggest little truck you;ll see that is still street legal)
Any way so i was still mad at him cause i figured he ditched me and then realized that i would be pissed and was coming to smooth it over and then leave again. So we burried Tootles and then Micheal and i walked over to his truck to talk without the whole family listening in. turns out he had been driving by my house for the last hour but no one was home. he had gotten off work and taken a shower (around the time that i had called) his mom told him that i had called and that she thought he had left, so he decided to suprise me and not call to tell me he was coming....unfortunatley by the time he got to the house i was gone. so he drove around for an hour untill finally i returned.....I really need to not jump to conclusions....when he says that he will be there he normally is..unless he is stuck while out mudding..
So we rented a was great cause we just layed there and cuddled the whole time...and he kept kissing my neck, which absolutely drives me crazy! and everytime i would turn over to see if he was really watching the movie he would kiss my forehead. I fell asleep wrapped up in his arms untill almost 1am when i woke up and realized that the movie had ended.i reached over and turned it off, but the movement must have woken him cause he got up, kissed me and then grabbed his coat and went home. i felt kinda bad cause he had to be at work the next morning, well so did i but i was in such a good mood the next morning that any lack of sleep didnt phase me. I guess it was just nice to know that we still have it after all these years....i love how we dont even have to talk...we can just lay there and be happy......makes all the things that seem to go wrong or all the things that we need to deal with everyday seem less important....we;ll be fine, no matter where we end up, because we will always have moments like that....


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