Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Maybe its just hunting....

So maybe it is just hunting season that is making micheal and i seem so far apart. Last night i went to his house, completely prepaired fo him to be in a grumpy mood and to get upset and have to leave and go to V's pearl party and try to pretend like i was ok untill i could talk to her alone....I was so sure of things happending that way that i practically was going to leave before i even got there, but Micheal was actually happy to see me adn we cuddles all evening in his bed, joking around adn watching TV and exchanging kisses. I feel kinda dumb for being so upset but i just hate being away from him for long periods of time and my imagination gets away with me. I guess i am just used to seeing him everyday still like when we were in school together. But you are all my witness right here and now, i am going to try my hardest to not over react anymore like i did, when i want to spend more time with him or i am feeling like the distance between us is getting to big i will ask him to hang out.


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