Monday, September 12, 2005

Well i tried to post this morning but apparently it didnt take. I'm sorry to anyone who will read my last post and be hurt that i didnt talk to them (ak: V and Ashley) I just feel like people get sick of hearing me when i am down.And i dont like people to give their opinions on my life and the best way to avoid this is to not talk to anyone about it, but it is good to write things down or think out loud so i used my blog. so forgive me if i hesitate on talking about it with you, however i will probably continue to contemplate thing here.
i keep thinking back and reading my first few blogs about micheal, i dont understand what is going on, but hopefully we will work on figuring it out tonight, because i talked to him earlier and he said that we would hang out to night and that he would call me when he got off work. well i have to go on the run today at work...yippie :( i hate the run.....its boring, i probably wouldnt mind it so much but i dont really feel like driving today.


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