Monday, February 06, 2006

little tid bits

So Life has just been going lately it seems....I keep wondering when things will "just fall into place" for me...I'm so ready to be done with school and have a degree already.I'm tireing of feeling like my life is in suspension in space if that makes any sense. I just feel like i am constantly waiting for somthing lately, i feel anxious ALL the time, but i dont know what i am waiting for, somthing to happend i guess. i felt like this my sophmore and junior year in high school too, i think i just tire of the same old same. makes me wonder what i will feel like when everything is in its is it the waiting that makes me anxious or is it the same old same that i end up doing while i am waiting....
so that was the enlightening thought of the day, well i guess it wasnt really enlightening now was it? I miss micheal right now too and i dont know why cause i just saw him last night, but i think i will go see him after class today before i head off to practice, i was just going to go home to sleep anyway and i know i shouldnt cause then i just wont be able to sleep tonight...thats another thing, i havent had a really good nights sleep in FOREVER, like sents last summer, i;m alwasy just thinking too much too sleep and then when i do sleep i always wake up feeling like i just went to bed and i barely ever dream now like maybe one dream every couple weeks that i can remember when i wake up. Damn...i still have this aching feeling that i miss Micheal, its rediculous, i normally only feel like this when its hunting season or i am away form him for a few weeks.
Oh and V's b-day is this wed! i'm excited....i hope she likes what i got her, but i cant say what it is cause i know she will read this (ha see i am being smart) but i will say that my blood went into this present...litterally....but dont be grossed out V i dont think any really got on it cause i checked it really carefully adn was going to get a new one if i had gotten blood on it. I will tell you the story at your party it you want.
well it is almost time for class so i better go start my truck...


At 3:36 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...


Creepy. I know, its a necklace that is a vial of your blood, so We are always close. Okay, maybe not... LOL! Maybe its because aren't you that universal donor, so you are giving me your blood so if Iever need blood, its right there? No, thats not it either? Oh well... can't wait to see you wednesday. See if micheal can come cause i really want him there, but just ask him and if he says no, okay, but don't just asssume he can't make it cause of work, etc. Ask, just in case. :D

Love You


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