Sunday, January 29, 2006

Once you get past the years of toumenting Brothers can be amazing

So i feel much better after talking with Jere. Somehow he seems to be able to put everything into perspective for me and then i calm down and am not freaking out as much. So i am going to Anchorage, and i had to apologize to Leah because i guess i really hurt her feelings because of the way i had worded things when i talked to her...she was upset becuase she thought i wasnt going to anchorage cause i didnt think that she was good enough to make it till Saturday....that isnt what i had ment so i said i was sorry adn apoligized.
we talked for a while about everything, and i feel alot better, i love my brother.


At 3:08 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I'm glad that you feel better. Thank Jeremiah for me. I was going to piont out that although you "mooch" off of your parents the whole thing didn't explain everything and wasn't quite accurate. I assume you are talking about Me and Ash. You've said yourself Ash struggles, and I am not affording it. Even though I'm not living at home i"m still borrowing money from my dad for Rent and stuff because I cannot afford it, and i'm not even going to school. You are going to school FULL TIME, which takes alot. And not only that, you are a really good student, so I've noticed that you spend enough time on school work, that there is NO WAY you could have a full time job. Just explaining that perspective to everyone else. :D Love you.


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