Saturday, January 07, 2006


So i was checking my email first night back in the BIG city lol from my brothers. AND i got the job that i interviewed for!!!! I'm so excited, i had pretty much talked myself out of it and was sure that i hadnt gotten it but now that i know i have i am so happy!!!! it means that i dont have to keep filing papers!!!
It does kinda blow my plans for the summer because i was planning on doing construction work or somthing like that so that i could make some really good money to add to my savings but i'm not to disappointed about that i think i would rather do somthing that i found interesting than manual labor even if it doesnt pay as well. that and Micheal brought up that about all a construction company would hire me for woud be to be a flag man cuase i cant lift as much as a guy...adn sense my accident last year my lifting ability is at an all time low...but it doesnt matter because i am going to work in a lab!!! YEAH:) I'm so excited.....and i just cant hide it...yeah yeah...i'm so excited.... ( that was me singing)


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