Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fun little Story

So i thought it might be fun to tell a story today, its about my parents. I was thinking about it today during lunch with my dad while we were talking about everything that has been going on lately. Its a story about how different and man and womans point of view can be when confronted with the same situation.
First i would like to start with the version that my mother would tell me when i was little.
MOM's Story of how her and my dad got engaged:
So it all started one summer. My mom and dad had both applied for the same job at a local gas company. Their interviews were on the same day. My mom, early as usual( untill recent years when my dad and her have switched) adn my dad stylishly late arived for their interviews at the same time.
The tall hansome young blonde guy with the amazing blue eyes stopped and opend the door for my mom. Her assesing the situation adn relizeing that they were there for the same reason said " We're both here for the same job so if you think being nice to me is going to help you get it your out of your mind..." to which my dad smiled, adn clamly slammed the door in her face.... She went home that night telling my grandma that she had met the man that she was going to marry, " Really? whats his name?" "I havent gotten that far yet Mom...geeze"
Both my mom and dad ended up being hired and worked together that summer, my dad shooting rubber bands at her butt when she bent over and her too shy too ask him on a date...Untill one day, my dad had had is wisdom teeth out....there he was sitting at his desk, doped up and bruise adn unable to talk. So my mom sauntered over adn asked "So Tom, Would you like to go out tonight?" then came the muffled reply "nfjdhfaNlhfhOfdjslkdjfiw" (can you guess what he was trying to say?) " O...ok then...see you at 7...."
After that date, my dad healed up and realized that my mom looked killer in a pair of white jeans (I dont know if she made that up or not)and they went out a couple more times. then one night he said "Ok Cindy we need to get one thing clear, i'm not looking to settle down, i'm gonna date other girls" adn so he did.
when my mom went back to school that fall she decided that there was no point in sticking to one man, even if they were to be married some day, if he wasnt going to be exclusive with untill he came around she would find some arm candy of her own to drive him she dated another guy while at school adn with winter break fast approaching decided to bring him home for christams...but to her suprise he was headed to the same little town in Illinois...."Hey we coudl do a doule date with my Best friend from high school when we get to town Cindy..." my mom agreed, it could nbe fun...
So tehy headed back home for the holidays and one night this other guy came to pick her up from her house adn then they headed to his buddies house to pick him up....the were standing on the front porch waiting for somone to answer adn my mom was thinking about my Dad ...."i wonder what he would think if he saw me out tonight?i wonder if hes even in town..." suddenly the door opened and she looked up....into those amazing blue dad just smiled greeted his friend adn then her....
my mom ended up breaking up mutually with the other guy and her adn my dad began dating exclusivly...then one night my dad pulled a small box from his coat adn asked "Cindy....would you grow old with me?" and slipped the opal ring on her finger (opal instead of diamonds because he knew they were her favorite) a year or so later they were married.

Now for my dads version of the events.
Your mom was a snob when i first met her....but i thought she was pretty cute and she wore these white jeans to work that drove me nuts. she tricked me into dating her because i couldnt talk...but that was ok cause she was cute... i wasnt looking for anything serious and i date a lot of others girls while i was with her... this probably drove her insane....
Then i asked about how he proposed....
well thats a funny story, cause i never proposed, well not really. I decided to buy her a ring, but i was flat broke so i bought an opal, btu htat was still more than i could afford really....but i thought it looked pretty. then one night i asked her to grow old with thing i knew i was standing at the front of a church, saying i do adn was married.
when i asked her to grow old i was thinking more along the lines of "hey lets run away to Alaska and live in sin for the rest of our days..." ( he said this all in a joking/ laughing tone----for any of you that know my dad you know the jokester that he is)
So you see my parents seem to have very different views on how it all came to be...and i started thinking, whats the moral behind this story?
Girls: Take what you can get and run with it, no matter how ludicris it is, men wont question it...and in the end you'll have the love of a life time
Boys: Becarful what you say....
Hope you all enjoyed the story....


At 5:26 PM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

hey, no worries about the comment, and i can understand that things are stressy right now with your finals coming up :)
but hey loseing weight is most deffinately a plus, i seem to have gone down from a 36 inch waist to a 28 inch so i'm relly happy about that but i weigh the same on the scales :S so i dunno if i've lost weight or not. but i'll put it all back on after christmas haha!!
i thought the story was really funny, because it is so true, as i read your mom's point of view i thought of a rose tinted movie memory of romance, hehe which is so like me and the way i see things, and you'r dad's was just funny :D hehe
well i hope things are still going well, and i hope you do well in your finals too :)

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Alaska said... got the main gist of the story correct but many of the pertinant details mixed up. You obviously must have been talking to mom far too much. Thats probably why so much of your post tells mom's words and only a few paragraphs sum up my take on the situation. Of course mom always has more words to say about things than I do so maybe that explains the difference in the lengths of the accounts.

Anyway...if I get a chance I will try to post a true accounting of the events that led up your mother and I getting "hitched" on my blog sometime soon. (

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Alaska said...

Rachel, Another thing...please don't begin censoring what you write on your blog just because your old man has found it and may occasionally read it. I think your blogging is a good release for your emotions and I promies not to be critical of the thoughts you express in it. Well, OK, if you write that you've decided to quit college, become a crack whore, and murder your father, I might need to take some evasive action,,but other than that, what is said on the internet stays on the internet as far as I am concerned. If such an arrangement still makes you feel uncomfortable, just tell me and I promise I will no longer read your blog..LUV Dad

At 2:27 AM, Blogger Alaska said...

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At 2:29 AM, Blogger Alaska said...

I posted a follow-up story about How your mom and I first met. It is on my blog at:
Our First MeetingIt still needs a little editing but take a look at it and tell me what you think.


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