Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Crash and Burn

So the U really needs to put salt down...I was heading back to work after class, i had stopped by my dads office cause he picked me up some lunch (thank God cause i was starving and forgot my lunch at home) and totally whiped out coming out of his building. it was like SMACK!!!! the ground came up and hit me and then i was like "SHIT! im falling!" but i was already on the ground. i didnt even have a chance to recover. I landed so hard right on my knee, the same knee that i parially tore the ACL on earlier in my life. i bet its gonna hurt tomorrow. It already hurts now, but when i looked at it it wasnt bruised, alittle swollen but no bruising..yet.
Work has been busy today cause i am sitting at Maria;s desk. its nice. well i got 15 more min untill i'm off and then i am probably going thanksgiving shopping with my mom...I love thanksgiving.
Oh and i went to hang out with micheal yesterday....i thought that we would be alone but apparently he invited mike nicholson out to his uncles too.... i wasnt completely clear on it...but mike told me that his girlfriend Margo and him broke up, so i wonder if thats why micheal had him out there, is that how guys console eachother? I dont know, but it was hard to be irritated with him when i found that out. But still is it selfish that i wanted to hang out with my boyfriend..alone? and i tried to talk to micheal about everything that is bugging me and he did his usual of, "i have not" or "thats not how it is, we never talk everyday" and the infamous "I'm irritated because you keep asking why i am irritated"
just one question for all of you men out there, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!!!!!!!?


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