Monday, November 14, 2005

So things look better at 7:30 in the morning

So i was haveing a pretty crappy day yesterday adn topped it off with the migraine from hell.But this morning i woke up ready to start the long task of getting all my ids adn bankd stuff straightend out. but as i approached natural science somthing told me that i should take a look in the classroom and see if maybe my purse was still there. adn guess what? it was...
Someone had gone through it probably looking for money and everything was just crammed back into it but it was all there. Even my Visa, wich was stuck to the back of my school ID.i already went ahead adn had Visa cancel the card but oh well i needed a new one anyway.and maybe this time i will get a good pin number.

then i had to take my chem test today, the one that i studied for all weekend and that gave me the horrible headache....and i know that i got atleast one question right! which is like a first for me in that far i have failed every test. My stomach hurts again though...i think that maybe i should go tot the doctor adn get checked out, cause i am starting to wonder if i could have a stress induced alcer....I would blame chemistry if i do. I keep telling everyone, everything bad in my life can be traced back to that class, it makes me too stressed out.
but all in all i am having an ok day, mainly because i dont havet o go to DMV and the chem test is over. Oh and just before my chem test i ran into this guy that i used to work with Eric...he had jsut gotten done with a physics test...turns out he is back working at the prospector. i remember this one time i hid under the stairs in the shoe department to scare him after closing and my friend Adrienne was upstairs pretending like she was talking to me, but i started laughing really hard thinking about how he was going to scream like a little girl and he ran right past me before i could yell BOO! then like two nights later i was running to the back of the store to check the last dressing room adn guess who jumped out of it and about made me pee my pants? yeah so it was good to see him just before my test, it helped calm me down i think cause then i was thinking about that and how funny it was.
oh and i applied for 5 different jobs, mostly research assistant stuff, hopefully i will hear back on one of them soon.


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