Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dang Cold

So i havent posted in a while cause i havent really had anything interesting to say or i was too tired from studying. I dont think i have had a good restful nights sleep in over two weeks now and there are no signs that i will be getting on any time soon. Adn today the thermostat in my English class was broken so it kept turning the AC on in the needless to say it felt colder in there than it did outside and now my throat hurts.
Loose ends...
so the girl i worked with quit and apparently they hired someone new who is old enought to not only be MY mother but my Supervisors mother too, i'm gonna give her a chance but i think this may be wierd.Manly cause i have been there longer but she is older and i dont know but i think it will be weird
I HATE COLDS-just had to add that because i amd starting to realize that i really feel like shit, its hitting me really fast too i didnt feel sick untill i had been at work for an hour or so and then i felt light headed and my throat started hurting adn now my whole body aches adn i feel really really tired
so the real reason that i started writing again today....know what i'm gonna have to finish later...i need to go lay down...i think i am going to pass out


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