Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Correction to a previous post

A reader brought to my attention that a comment i made on a previous post was not entirely acurrate and they were the entry about my coworker i was very irritated that morning becuase i was already having a bad day (failed yet another chem Test) and she had been touching my stuff so i was venting. well in the last part of the post i said "maria cant stay mad at her" i ment Maria and Icant stay mad at her....cause even though she makes me mad and frustrates me she is very nice and it is really hard to be mad at her when she is standing right there being all sweet. this sweetness however is what makes me even more mad the next time she pisses me off cause i am also irritated that i hadnt stayed mad and gone with maria to talk to wanda.
but its all pretty much done cause she got a job in a lab...yes i am slightly green but i wouldnt have wanted to work in the lab she is going to be in anyway.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

Danny didnt cheat on me. we were already not together but he said he wanted me back and asked me to think about it and i was about to say yes thenhe told me about him being with Michele. this week was half term for me, so i spent every day with him online and i felt closer to him again like closer than we ever had before. then something little to do with michele, set me off and i got upset and we argued and i nearly lost him from my life all together, but he came back later and we talked about it, and he said he'd find a way for us to be together and that he'd leave michele on wednesday when he goes back home to ohio. i'd really like to believe that but some part of me doubts it. we ended up talking about kids and weddings , which he started talking about, about marrying me, and haveing kids with me, ended up planning about half a wedding and kids names, we even found a dress and grooms wear online. today again was really nice with him but i look at his vf page which is how we met which was what upset me to make us argue, and it upsets me more because he's just gone offline and i miss him.

it's one huge mess.

and in regards to one of your posts i hate it when people cant eat with their mouth closed, and eat noisily. gah it gets on my nerves.


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