Friday, September 16, 2005

Here i go again....

So here i am again....friday night and i am in the library studying...well i was but there are so many things, ok one in particular, that keeps running through my head and its makeing it really hard to concetrate. I love Micheal, so why cant things just work out? As time passes it seems like things just get more and more unsure. And why shouldnt they? I dont even know what i want right now...ok wait no i do....I WANT HIM TO ASK ME TO MARRY HIM.... its been over 6 years....why cant he be sure...after so long. i mean he was sure our sophmore and junior year.
i think what is bothering in me is that i just found out today that Brandon asked Leah to marry him..... she said he asked when he gave her the ring she wears and then he asked again in a letter that he just wrote her....
why does the idea of Leah getting married before me bother me so much? is it just that she is younger than me?or that her and brandon have only been together for a fraction of the time that i have been with micheal? Or the fact that they are still in that stage that micheal and i were in when he did ask me.
i wish that this was one of those things that i could sit down and think about untill i figured it out but i cant... and that frustrates me to no end. thats why i like school, because if i think about things long enough i get it but this, no matter how i role it around it still leaves me feeling the same way....Lost and deperately inlove with a man i still have yet to figure out


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I miss you too! YOu should definatly come over this weekend? Is michael going to be hunting? You can always call me or drop by anytime you feel the need for some social contact or just want to see little old me. I'm only working wednesdays and saturdays and sundays basically, but next week i'm not even working wednesday. Its weird. I'm sorry about the michael thing. I'm sure everything will work out. Oh, and I have internet coming to the house, so i'll start keeping up on my blog and reading yours. :D Love you tons and tons


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