Friday, September 16, 2005

I have had the worste stomach aches for the last two weeks, pretty much sents school started. i think that i am getting too stressed between work, school, relationship and trying to figure out a way to get more independence. this last point i am about to give up on because i see no real way for me to move out unless i were to get a different job and work my ass off wich would defete the purpose of releiveing my stress by moving out because i would just stress me out more.
I think my friend is pissed at me about this too because she wants to move out with me because she is paying too much for her apartment now. but i have already decided that i dont want to live with any of my friends because i know that that is a sure fire way to end the friendship.....mainly cause of how she ditched her last friend. that and she is a night owl and i'm a morning person so she would end up keeping me up at night and i would piss her off by waking up so early....
i wish it was just easy to find a perfect balance between school, work and my social life....hoestly the only person that i could see myself living with is micheal, but i dont think that that will be happening anytime soon


At 4:30 PM, Anonymous NTG said...

If only it was as easy as finding a balance but even with that balance thought to be achieved something else comes up because that is the way that life goes.... Bumpy, jagged and trecherous... But try not to worry, you still have friends that care.

-Your friend from high school+

P.S. have you tried pepto(the pink cure for life little problems...).


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