Thursday, October 13, 2005

Babe and Baby

I hade to put this picture on here. This is Micheal and Bear. I thought all you that dont know him might wonder what he looks like so there he Babe...


At 3:19 PM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

i am loving the pictures of Bear :D they are uber cute

yeah school here is deff different to the states, i shoudln't be in school i should be going off to univercity i think you call that college. It's High school, and the last 2 years are called 6th form if you stay in the high school, if you leave you can go to college to do exactly the same as what you'd do in 6th form but college allows adults in too, for example adults who want to go back and get some more grades. Well i am staying in 6th form for an extra year because the courses you take are 2 year ones, and i took a new one up in my last year so i'm finishing it this year :) hence why i call it school because 6th form is in school. if that makes any sense at all.

things with me and Danny arent great any more, some one uploaded pictures of him and michele makeing out onto his vf profile (which is where we met) and that really hurt, i believe him when he says he didnt up load them, but he's seriously depressed thinking he's screwed up his life and everyone elses and he said something about never being wanted and referred to his real parents coz he's adopted. and then said things would be better off if he just ended himself and he went offline, so distraught me got his friend vicky to wring her cousin who lives across the road from his home in ohio, so that her cousin could ring Danny's mom so she could ring him in florida to see if he's ok. i havent heard anything back yet. :S i just hope he's ok.


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