Monday, October 17, 2005

ARG!!!!! Seriously, dotn touch my stuff!!!!!

I'm so irritated right now...i just got back to work and the new girl has messed with all my stuff...not just work related stuff but my personal/school stuff. I need to vent so i am going to make a list of ALL the things that my new coworker has done to piss me off sense she was hired....
1. Today: When i got back from class, My school cataloug was gone! it has everything for the next three years outlined in it.... I can see why maybe she would need to mess with work related things, like if Maria asked for something...but why the HELL did she take my catalouge? I mean what the HELL it has all my shit in it...well it did but she kindly put that in my box....
My boss said that she saw her with it but she didnt realize she was taking it...i dont care if she needs to borrow it but they have a whole stack of them next door that she can have...and to top it off i bet she marked all over it.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is worse than Leah stealling my clothes and giveing them back dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Clean work area:Everyday she comes in and throws her shit EVERYWHERE! I cant work in clutter. i know this may be a suprissing point to anyone who has seen my room but when i am working i like/need a clean environment to concentrate...i get closterphobic with shit all around me
3. Work Computer is for doing WORK!: ok i will be the first to admit that i check my email, blog and IM while i am at work but i also do my work....I only mess around when there is a lack of things to do or i really need to vent, and sometimes checking my email is work related. but it's highly irritateing when i have work to do that requires my computer and she is sitting there with a stack of work next to her at MY desk IMing, email or just surfing the net. And then i have to go down to the Directors office and start the computer down there surrounded by plants and misc stuff because they are remodleing down there and the desk has become the "Storage area" while they do so.
4.Credit Card stuff: If you dotn know what you are doing DONT mess with my system! all she does is fuck it up and then if i dont catch the mistake its my far i have been lucky.but she will "log" stuff half assed so when you go to look things up not all of it is there. i spend more time fixing it than i would have if i had just done it all in the first place.
5.If your asked to do it do it: she has had the same 4 thingsto do on her assignment board practically sents the day she was hired and the only time any of it really gets done is when i do it. I've trained her in differeent things over and over and yet she still claims ignorance and then my boss just makes me do it.
Misc things:shes always late, and never gets introuble for it (V always got bitched and told she would be fired)
She barely ever finishes a job she is given
she doesnt listen to intructions
she hogs my desk
messes up my work area
stresses out Maria
and to top it all off she is ALWAYS way too Fucking makes me want to puke....because no matter how made me or maria get she is allways so oblivious and sweet that maria cant stay mad at her or complain to Wanda about her....
I MISS V....


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Sorry about her messing with your stuff. I don't know why she would either. YOu should ask her if she has it next time you see her and ask for it back. I'm really sorry she's not working out that well. :(

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that last part might not be completely true...


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