Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I keep waiting on You

I keep waiting on everyone whose blog i frequent to write somthing new for me to read but no one has and then i realized...neither have I......Funny how that works huh?
well funny story...so Micheal called me the other day and told me what he was getting me for christmas...i guess he is sick of me always guessing and "ruining the suprise" so this year he just came out and asked me to choose between two things, headlight and tail light covers or a lift kit for my truck. i would prefer the lift but i'm worried it would be too expensive. hes looking at buying a house and he doesnt need to be waisting his money on material things for me.
And then my sisters Boyfriend sent her pictures of engagement rings....told her to tell him wich one she likes. SHEs only 16!!!!! but i'm not going to get into all that cause its probably nothing...shooot a year ago micheal brought me into a store to look at rings but nothing ever came of that no did it.
Oh adn i made myself dinner last night adn for the most part it was good. one part of the chicken was rock hard..not frozen but like petrified rock...wich i am contesting was not at all my fault...maybe the birds...or the people who packaged it.... but any way it was good adn i cooked it all by myself...best part: i wasnt sick this morning either...
well i guess that is all for now.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Hey, okay, gotta go to work, but I updated. I read your blog too. Try out Google Reader if you can, it keeps track of all the blogs you read, and you don't have to go check all of them, you can just see if anyone updated in one click... I'll explain more later. Love you. Miss you.


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