Sunday, November 13, 2005

Maybe they are right....

So i think that V and Ash are right. i read this stupid horescope the other day that said somthing about how micheal may ask me for a "greater commitment". Ashley adn V both kinda made fun of me for half way believeing it andthe more that i think about it and the way that micheal asks i think that they are right. Hes not gonna ask me, not fact the way that he had been acting the last few days i think he might be thinking about the total opposite...We just dont ever see eachother anymore and even when i make time and try to get together with him he always seems to begoing up to his uncles or have plans already made....Micheal doesnt make plans in all the years i have known him. adn he last couple times that i called him to see if he wanted to get together he just says no and then when i inquire why like if he is going to his uncles or to mike nicholson's and he said no that he just didnt want to hang out with me he just felt like sitting at home doing nothing.
I just dont get it how things can turn around so would think i would be used to t by seems like sense micheal and i have gotten out of high school its just one rock after another, but before we always made it through because we loved eachother, i guess i just dont know what to think or feel about all this and that way he has been acting.
and then friday i forgot my purse in chemistry and it someone didnt turn it in ( wich i doubt) i have to go and get a new polar express, Drivers license, bank card and checks. the worst part about it is that i have to pay to get a new licence made just to have to pay to have another one made in February when i turn 21. this wouldnt even be on y mind right now but when i call Ash yesterday to talk to her about it cause i was really upset that i had lost my purse and tha litterally my wholelife is in there. adn then while i was talking to her i realized the whole license thing wich just upset me even more and what does ashley do? she started laughing at me and saying how funny it was....she does stuff like that all the time but its really starting to bother me because she seems to think that its hillarious when i get screwed over...and we go to breakfast every friday right? well not this last time but the time before she had us splitthe bill 50 50 but then i realized that her meal had been like 7 bucks more than mine.... she tired to play it off like she didnt know but i'm starting to think that she thinksthat cuase i still live with my parents i have all this extra money lieing around....i make 100$ a week!!!! adn 50 or that goes to gas alone.
maybe i am mainly just irritated because of everything that had been gong i am jumping to conlusions. I'm just so ready for this semester to be ready to be out of school adn feel like i have something happening in my life...somethng more concrete. I'm tired of drifting,i want some stable ground


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