Monday, November 21, 2005

i look like i was in a bar fight!

My eye is all swollen from the plane ride back from Anchorage. I thought that is would go down by this morning but appartently i was wrong. So advise to all, if you ever have a cut on your head with a staph infection dont fly....Unless you find the bar fighter look appealing.
i still dont know for sure that micheal and i are going to get together tonight... if we dotn i would be a big fat liar if i said that i wouldnt be upset. I'm so sick of school right now, i want to just be on a beach sleeping with micheal next to me...or mayber better yet in a hotel room on fresh clean cotton sheets and the doors to a balcony open overlooking the beach and a nice cool summer breeze ruffling the sheet as we lay cuddleing.... thats what i want.:) well back to work, before my boss gets mad that i'm not doing anything again....


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