Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Something worth while

Ok so the last couple post have been kinda negative..ok not kinda they have been really negative. But actually i have been feeling really good. i've been stressed of course cause of finals and i think that i am more irratible because of it and there for pissed off at alot of people and things. But i realized this morning that yeah i am irritated with my brothers wife, but after talking to my friend Niki ( who i thought could shed some light on being pregnant seeing as she now has her almost 2 year old son) she said that she was the same way when she was pregnant and that she would often be angry with people and not liek them for no apparent reason, but i figure that i can still have micheal out adn my Sister said that she would come out to visit, OH and i am going to practice my cooking so i thought it maybe fun to have a little survey:
Please vote how you truely think i promise that this is for fun and if you really think that i will starve to death when left to my own devises i wont take offense...but if i do i ask that you come to my funeral and cry, and say somthing nice about me and my cooking:) and then afterwards be sure to have a party where you all get drunk and have a couple laughs on me....preferably in a hot tube adn with at least ONE naked boy falling, being pushed, or getting hit with a snowball resulting in a face plant into the snow for me....now please place you bets...oh wait is that legal in alaska? ok now real money is to be exchanged( that i know about that way i dotn have to admit anything if THEY come looking for me)
What will happen to Rachel over Winter Break
Terms: i will be at my brothers house from dec16 -Jan7/8
Other than holidays and maybe weekends i will be cooking at the house for break
So...for those of you who know me, and those of you who dont...place your votes

1. I Will starve to death within a week
2. I will give myself food poisoning, and then come back to my parents house
3. I will burn the house down, or at least the kitchen
4. I will eat out everyday
5. I will be hospitalized for mac'n'cheese overdose
6. Being forced into a suvival i will end this break as a gourmet chef and you will all be begging me to feed you!

Ok i'll let you all know how i do, i'll try to update every couple days and let you know how it went adn what i have for dinner, seeing as i dont eat breakfast and i will be at work for lunch so dinner will be the only meal that i am required to cook because thats generally the only meal i ever eat that is, well not microwavable---normally..lol

adn to end on a very good note: I LOVE COACHING!!!!! i think i have said that before...and Leah came to Yoga with me yesterday---she is like freakishly flexable...i dont think we are really related (just joking) She blows me away somtimes, she is turning into an amazing youmg woman...i hope my dad is right when he said that shes like me, cause if i'm like her then i'm pretty well off. So I love coaching. i love my family, i love micheal, i love my friends adn although i am stressed out beyond belief right now...i'm happy.....


At 5:47 PM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

right my lovely :) i am sorry i havent posted in an age, i didnt really think about it, then Danny mentioned it yesterday and i'm back onto posting again, how are things with you, did i read right that you are pregnant??? if so congratulations!!!! and i do think you'll survive in the house cooking, lol i'm crap at cooking and i can survive, i'me makeing myself dinner tomorrow for the first time ever, an actual proper meal, simple but yummy, pasta, pesto and grated cheese mmmmm yummy hehe. i loved the post about you and Michael with your truck in a ditch lol! the imagery was just classic, and i thought your analagy was right, love is about the times you fall in ditches and pull each other out :)

Lots of love and much christmassy vibes as i'm feeling them strongly haha!

Keturah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...


I think you will do fine. No Gormet chef stuff, but you will be fine. :D I know they said I couldn't come over, but if you are allowedc to get out of the house, make sure to make some time for me, and you should make sure to post that you aren't pregnant, so no one else thinks that. :D LOL! I cracked up when I read it though.


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