Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Odds and ends of the day

OK why am i so tired today? the drive in was horrible, my eyes wouldnt adjust cause i am sleepy so every time somone would pass me my eyes would start watering and i would be completely blinded for a little bit.... its cause my brothers house is so warm and cozy, i slept soo sound last night adn i could have slept all day today if i hadnt had to come in for work.
So my cousin matt is engaged now....i find it kinda humorous cause i didnt even realize that he had a girlfriend....then micheal came out to the house again last night with Bear, we had fun jsut hanging out together...it was nice, and bear adn duke were cracking us up...they are so funny when they play....
Oh and i locked myself outa my car this morning....threw my keys in my purse and went inside...i had to call parking services and then wait by my car for them to come unlock it. then the guy got the door unlocked but the tool was stuck in the door...lol it was funny.
Oh and Brandon came back into town yesterday, i heard that Leah left Practice early to go see him at the airport...Ritchie sure has changed sents the days when micheal and i were wrestling.
oh and i went to check my grades on line the other day and have forgotten my password...now i am locked out of my account ( like i do at the end of every semester) and need to call the registars office to have it reset...it will probably require me going down to lower campus so show my ID or some shit....maybe this is a sign that i shouldnt check my grades....i dont really want to know if i failed chem...i only want to know if i passed.lol that makes no sense.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger darkfinchfairy said...

hey, it was nice to read that you and michael made up :) and that you are all happy. i hope you didnt fail chem or have found out how you did.
yeah i know what you mean when you stuff your head so full with information haha, but i finished my product study by the deadline and have never been so relieved to get a piece of work done.
school finished yesterday for thee christmas holidays, and today after almost a week and a half Danny came online, he'd been in hospital again for opps on his leg to ttake out the metal plates and to get a cast, we spoke, but something had changed, and we spoke about it, and his feelings for me have changed, and we ended up breaking up for good. we're staying friends, but i had kinda known his feelings for me had changed which sucks. but i guess like he said it's for the best, at our age and with distance and everything.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Your day sounds weird so far. I'm sorry I can't post more, I'm just distracted with the whole roommate shit, sorry.


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