Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So if you read V's comment you all know what she does, for the most part anyway. right after i wrote that post i had to go to Chemistry, then after that i went to the shop and picked Micheal up and we went to his bank and then to lunch. after lunch, and him refusing to let me pay for myself we got in the car adn i was really confused about what this had all ment, so i just asked him point blank. he said that it was his way of telling me that he was sorry adn that he didnt know what he was thinking the day before when he had said that he didnt know if he wanted to be with me. and so far things are alot better, we went to his uncles yesterday to help him get his pipes unthawed the rest of the way, this kinds sucked cause i was inside with micheals tow cousins and they drive me insane sometimes cause they are rude and dont listen. and the youngest one kept hitting Bear, at one point with a tennis racket adn i kept telling her to stop because she was going to hurt him but she was like "I'm just playing with him" and then she would pull his tail or grab him by the neck and slam him on the floor. Micheal said that eh doesnt think that she could hurt him cause he out weighs her by almost 30lbs but it still bothers me that she is that violent with animals *MENTAL NOTE:dont aske micheals cousins to babysit your kids.... then they kept jumping all over and climbing on me and no matter how many times i told them to stop that they were going to get hurt or that they were hurting me they wouldnt stop...well the hurtung me part they did cause apparently they liek me.... and its not that i dont like them, they are just sooooo busy all the time it drives me insane.....i dont know how their mom does it.oh and then they kept playing with Bear really rough right? but when he would play rough back and bite them or somthing they would start crying adn want me or micheal if he was in the house to beat Bear...i told micheal that id he did then he better beat them too cause they started it....he told me that they are always like that...guess thats why he doesnt bring me out there much cause he knows that they drive me insane after a little while.
after that we came back into town and dropped Bear off at micheals house adn then when to Dennys for dinner....we had the worst service ever and i left like a 60cent tip...i felt bad cause i knew the girl form highschool but frankly she was a shitty waitress, she should ocnsider another job cause they werent busy at all. V and Aaron came in just before Micheal and i left, it was nice to see her cause i never get to see her now that school has started.
speaking of school, i totally got on here to do some of my communications homework but the web server wont let me access any of the files that i need becuase it is stupid. oh and then i found out that my chem teacher is doing our online homework differently this semester, which i vaguly rememebr him saying but i had forgotten. well anyway it is due tommorrow and i hadnt even started it yet, but i totally cranked it out in less than an hour and gopt full credit....thats right i am a genious..Just Jokeing. see i cant even spell......well i am going to see if i can get the internet thing for my class to work on my lap top, wish me all luck.....
PS DAD-if your reading this THANK YOU to you and mom for the Ipod, i love it...makes it so much easier to do chem when i have music to listen too instead of all the ppl talking (or eating) around me...


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

You got an Ipod?? Thats awesome. :D Also, you are a genius, you are just too hard on yourself to realize that sometimes. I think you stress yourself out so much sometimes that it hides it, but I really do think you are really smart. :D Also, it was nice to see you too. :D


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