Monday, January 09, 2006


WARNING:this is not for the weak of stomach...reader discretion is advised....
The following story is based on true events...names of the parties involved have been changed to protect the innocent.Please do not try any on the stunts here in at home, they may be detrimental to your health
and that fragile image we all have of our parents.
It was a Frigid January evening, Mary Joe Walker Jr.was inside talking with a long time childhood friend never once suspecting the impending doom that shadowed the night around her far north home. A point in the conversation jogged Mary Joe's memory about a subject she needed to take up with her father so she entered the master bedroom to find him lying on his side in the middle of the gargantuan bed plotting away on his personal computer. Mary Joe began, progressed through and was about to finish her conversation when her eyes naturally drifted to somthing pink hanging on the lamp shade next to the bed........
"PANTY SNATCHING MOTHER!!!!!!!" it was Mary Joe Walker Jr.'s favorite Pink Thong!!!!
"OH MY GOD......OH MY GOD....NOOOO.....OH MY GOD...."
she quickly closed her eyes, the horror was too much, the pink lace aglow dangleing so lightly from the lampshade....burned into her brain forever...."MOM!!! how could you?OH MY GOD!!! MY favorite pair.....AGH!!!!!"
"What?" asked her mother....groggly from the couch.....
"HOW COULD YOU WEAR MY UNDERWEAR? and not just any "get lucky" underwear?"
"Well....cause i was getting lucky dear......"

Have fun thinking about that folks....just thought i would SPICE it up a little in here...felt like my blog was getting a little stale....


At 3:33 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Sorry. When you were talking to me online, I wasn't online, Aaron was, and he didn't pay attention to you answering him. I was going to call you, but then I waited for your answer from him and forgot. Anyways... Thats a funny story. :D


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