Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First Day Jitters

So i had my official first day of work in the lab this morning...It was cool. i was kinda nervous and i have trouble sleeping last night, untill Micheal called so i dont know if i was worried about the job or him getting home or if just talking to him made me feel better or if i was finally exhausted enough from thinking that i crashed out... anyway, time flies when i was in the lab today...i ended up staying untill 2 because i was having fun finding bugs...adn Cassie ( my new boss) said that i was catching on quick...she seems further along in the data collection than i thought so i am not sure that the position that i have will be open for the next two years but thats ok cause i could always join another lab, or start my masters study early....I want to thank her so much for giving me this chance cause i know that she took a chance on me because i have like NO lab experience....All i know is that no matter how crazy anyone thinks i am for saying this...looking at bugs under a microscope is WAY WAY WAY more fun than paperwork...I dont think i was really cut out for doing paper work....i learned so much today, i hope that i keep having this much fun at work....Oh and Cassie gave me the OK to come in at 7am so i will get a full 20 hours a week in the lab!!!plus be a full time student...this shoudl help my plans for saving money because even if i put half of every paycheck away into savings i will still be making more than i did the last 2 semesters when i was only working like 10-14 hours...well just wanted to let everyone know that my first day whent good....TTYAL


At 9:47 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

OMG! I'm so excited for you about your new job. :D I'm glad you are so happy... I am going to call you. :D Love You.


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