Saturday, February 04, 2006

Havent prayed that much in a long time

So thursday my family had a really big scare....Court and Jere had gone to the doctor for a rutine ultra sound to find out if they were having a boy or a girl and about all the tech could get was that it was a boy but then he kept moving all around and she was having trouble getting a good picture of him so she decided that she would finish the rest of the exam and that maybe he would stop moving around as much, so she had gotten one really good picture and then moved down to check Courts cervics and realized that she was 3 cm dialated and was in labor. so jere rushed court to the hospital and called our mom and courts mom adn at the hospital they gave her some drug to make the contractions stop but it wasnt working, when i got there they were telling jere and court that they had a 50-50 chance of loosing the baby that night adn that court was going to need surgery to close her cervic if they wanted to save the baby. but they had to decide if they would do the surgery that night or wait till the next day because with the condition that she was in that night they had a 70%chance of accidently breaking her waterwhile doing the surgery and if that happend they baby wouldnt be able to survive for more than and hour or two because he was too little and his lungs were developed enough. Jere ask what the chances woulb be if they waited till the morning adn they said that if the baby's "sac" went back inside court adn he cervics started to close that they would have a better chance of being successful in the surgery but that if that didnt happend then there was still the low chance that the baby would survive the surgery adn that even if the surgery was successful the chance for complications were much higher both for the baby and court in the way of infection or rupturing of the sac becasue it was exposed. Jere and court decided to wait till the morning because of the possible benifits.
I sat in the hospital room with court for a while my mom and jere went to get somthing to eat from the cafiteria adn talk. She was really upset about how this could happen and why it wasnt caught before during all her other doctors visits. everyone really uspet and tension was high but all of a sudden i found myself listening to JJ's ( thats his nickname-Jeremiah Junior)heart beat, it was amazing..and it made me tear up, on the monitor we could hear his heart and when he was scary to think that he might not make it.
But yesterday they brought court down to surgery adn everything went better than the doctors were expecting adn now she is just on bed rest for the rest fo the pregnancy. so everything is going much better...


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