Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter Woes

yeah so my truck is out of commision, so much for indistructable Toyotas....dont tell Micheal i said that cause he would point out that it was my fault, although i am pretty sure i was NOT the one who unplugged my truck last night....actually i dont know how it got unplugged but i guess that doesnt really matter now, now does it. cause i managed to get it started, great right? well untill i got out of work and went to go to class to find that almost all the oil in my engine had mysteriously ended up on the ground. My dad came to rescue me after class with a couple quarts of oil and i managed to get it to the shop and drop it off. i think the cold start this morning broke a seal of two in the engine. but the shop is swamped right now casueeveryones shit is breaking down and my truck takes last priority cause micheal;s mom wont let me pay him to do it, actually i talked to her and she would let me pay him but he refused to accept the money, which is really frustrating because i would rather have micheal work on my truck than somone that i dont know but at the same time i would liek to have it back in less than a month (ok hes not normally that bad). if its not done by the time icome back from anchorage i think i am going to ask Jack if hew will just do it and let me pay him because i really cant afford to not have my truck durning school. my dad said he would get up to bring me to work at 7 up i know he doesnt liek getting up that early, shit i dont even like getting up that early but i need the hours. oh well i am too exhausted to care right now...i might care next week but who knows. i think this weekend took it all outa me...that was my freakout for the month...


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