Friday, February 17, 2006

O. ChemTest + Friday---->Torture

I feel sick this morning thinking about Organic chem....We have our first test today and i am scared shitless.... I dont even know what i am doing at work, i dont feel like working cause i feel so sick, my stomach is litteraly turning in on itself. And Micheal just told me last night that he is going to Summit with his friends to go snow machining this weekend, so it looks like i will get to obses about it ALL weekend-Joy. i also have a ton of homework still to catch up on in all my other classes, esp. communications cause i kinda put it on the back burner this week so that i could study for o chem wich i am not feeling like it did me any good cause i can remember jack crap now. I wish i could just go down the hall and curl up on the breakroom couch and sleep through the test. Micheal offered to take it for me last night, sad thing is i think he would do better on it than i will. i was so optimistic last night and then i woke up this morning and cant remember anything----other than a bromination/chlorination of a benzine ring...thats 1 out of like 100 reactions that i should have memorized by now....i think after my test i may just go home and pass out until practice, if micheal wants to say good bye he will....


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