Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AHHHH coffee.....................

My coffe is soooooo good this morning. i woke up feeling like crap, i really hope i can fight off this cold, i hate being sick, esp. with colds cause its not like you feel so sick that you cant get up and do somthing, so i feel guilty if i call in sick but you feel like crap all day adn are miserable adn then i feel guilty cause everyone else has to put up with me and my crankiness, plus i cant afford to get behind in school right now, its like a cinstant rush as it is just to stay ontop of everything and when i think that i am ahead somthing happends and then i;m not anymore,grrrrrr.
But i am determined to beat this....oooo i can totally feel my neck cramping....ok so this is probably only funny to me, and V might laugh becuase of an insitent on MSN a while back but i totally just wrote Crap instead of Cramp...LOL that was funny...good thing i caught that otherwise my neck would have been shitting again...ok yeah only funny to me i guess:) guess it was one of theose things you had to be here for but sense no one else wants to get up at 5:30 am to keep me company at work i guess you all just missed it...wish youd gotten up now huh? ok yeah me neither....well i'm off to check out some bugs... who luvs ya


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