Monday, February 13, 2006

Update on Court and Jere

So Coutnie and Jeremiah are still in anchorage, so far no baby thank God.I think it would be best if the little guy stayed in there untill April 14th or later, that way Court is at 30 weeks and he might actually be big enought to make it. they decided to change his name too form Jeremiah Junior to Koa Ikiaka ( i think i spelled that right) it means "Strong Warrior" in Hawian. I dont htink that they are thinking about the fact that court is only half Hawian and that makes the little one only 1/4 so he probably will be really fair skinned like jere and people are going to wonder why he has a hawian name....thats if they can say it...oh well i guess we should all count our blessings that they arent naming him Moonbeam or Morningstar right? no offense if anyone is named that....
Do my Dad and Leah drove down to Anchorage this weekend, i was really bumbed htat i couldnt go cause i had a ton of studying to do because i have 3 tests this week. Anyway they went down there to bring jere his truck adn then sunday they were going to drive back in Leahs car but her CV axle broke just outside of this place called Trapper Creek so they had to be towed back to really sucks cause they were stranded around 3pm but didnt get home untill 2am this morning cause they were closer to anchorage than to Fairbanks but my Dad didnt want to have it towed to Anchorage adn then have to wait for it to get fixed and him and Leah miss work adn school.
well i better get to class, my day is just begining now that i;m off work.....i hate mondays


At 2:54 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

im glad court and jere are okay, and that JJ is okay (i'm sorry, but I just can't call him whatever it was. That poor kid is going to be made SO MUCH fun of in school. Poor Kid. :(


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