Thursday, February 16, 2006


So Micheal Totally suprised me on valintines day! he made reservations at the Turtle Club----one of my favorite restraunts...he was being so secretive too adn wouldnt tell me where we were going, just to be ready by 7 and that he would pick me up. then when he showed up i got in the truck and there was this present on the dash, i was like
" whats that?"
"Oh that is for my other girlfriend....."
"You can look at it if you want..."
and he gave me this really silly grin so i grabed the box and opened it, only to realize that i couldnt see well enough in the truck to see what was in it, i started fumbling for my phone so that i could use its light adn micheal was like
"Oh do you need the light?here..." and flipped on the interior light and there it was...the most beautiful necklace...i'll have to put a picture on here so everyone can see....i was totally suprised cause he hasnt bought me anything like that in years adn never for somthing like v-day. Dinner was awsome, adn then he came to my house and cuddled with me untill i fell asleep, but i think he fell aspleep too cause all of a sudden i felt him move and he whispered "I really got to get home babe...I love you." and kissed me goood night, it was 1:30ish when i looked at the clock after he left. In all it was amazing...i felt butterflies again, i just hope it lasts and this isnt another one of his passing fancies...
I cant remeber if i wrote about the huge fight we had last weekend....oh well i'm not going to dwell on the past so if i didnt write about it i;m not going to now....


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