Monday, February 20, 2006

This is No Good...

So my dad was trying to be helpful and brought Jeremiah's dogs into town saturday so that they wouldnt be alone at Jeremiah's and Courtnie's untill they can come back to town with the Baby, which probably wont be till june. So Duke and Jez were at our house and they seemed so much happier cause they got attention and my dad wasnt making them stay in their little kennels, they had the WHOLE garage to play in and he was taking them for walks and bringing them to the river to swim and saturday evening i walked them across the neibourhood to niki's house so that her little guy could play with them and jez kept licking him it was i brought them home ate dinner and then my dad went out and got them settled for the night. Sunday morning we got up for church (i actually felt like going-cause i figured i should maybe give God a try again sents Koa made it through the weekend and is doing so good, i had something to thank him for that i couldnt contribute to myself and my own doing) we were going to just leave but then duke and jez started barking so my dad was like "i better let them out to go to the bathroom..." so i went to the truck and my dad let them out, he decided to tie them up outside so that they could get some fresh air while we were gone, he thought twice about it but i told him that they would be fine untill we came back, i mean we would only be gone for an hour or so.
well i was wrong, jez bit through her rope and duke got untied and they ran off, we spent a good part of the day looking for them and asking ppl in the area if they had seen them but nothing, we even went to the pound to see if they were there and called the military base pound and i went on line and reported them missing cause jez has a home again micro chip. then my dad callled jere to tell him, he wasnt as upset as i thought he would be but i think it has a lot to do with being so emotionally drained from everything that has been happening the last three weeks. we are going to start the seach for them again this morning and call all the vets intown and the pounds/shelters and put an add in the paper... i really hope nothing has happend to them and that we find them....
oh and i'm not sure if i will have a job anymore by friday, cause i am almost done with everything that i had to do and i dont know if my boss has any mor samples from me to go through, although when i came in today there was a really really big box in the samples room so i am hoping that its more of hers adn not a chair or somthing that they keep your fingers crossed other wise i might be broke on my b-day and searching for a new job instead of fully enjoying myself (although i will still go out, i just might get upset after a couple beers cause i will have to realize that i am'm not too worried about it just yet though, i need to talk to her today) so i will let you know how everything goes with Duke and Jez and work and koa and my birthday and all that


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...


I am sure you will find Jezz and Duke. I can understand why Jere isn't worried because he has spent so much time worried about his baby, that although he loves the dogs, they are not as important as the baby, and the fact that the baby is alive is so wonderful, he can't be sad about the dogs. Its kinda good timing. LOL! Its good one of them has the chip in it, that way its easier to find them. :D I will definatly keep an eye out. It will be even easier cause I'm sure they will stick together. Anyways, I can't wait until friday either. Thats all I can think about. I'll make sure to save some of my money for Cover Charge. Also, the Hideout is new and its AWESOME. It has TV's in every table and all this stuff to do. I think we should check it out, even if we don't stay. :D I think it would be fun to bar hop, instead of just go to two bars. :D


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