Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life has been well....Crazy(part 2)

Ok so i used the same title..whatever i dont have time to come up with a better one. I am in the downward swing though:) i took my first final monday along with my last chem test before the final:) i cant wait for the next two weeks to be over and summer to start:)
I havent heard back yet on whether i got the NPS job or not. If you guys hadnt guessed yet by me not posting about it i feel like the interview could have gone alot better. but according to all of my references they think i got the i will have to wait and see. there are some good benifiets of getting it and some good ones for not getting it so i will be happy either way. If i get it i dont think i will be able to go down to anchorage to see courtnie and jere adn the baby after finals cause they want me to start full time asap. so part of me is hopeing that i dont get it just cuase of that, esp now that leah and i have kinda decided that we arent going to go on that Kyaking trip, although if i dont get the job i would still really love to take the class with her so we will have to talk about it depending on that. but it i do get it i think it would be an awesome job, and give me some good experience plus 15$ an hour isnt bad money...and i would really like to get some extra cash this summer to help build up my savings again.
Esp sense the last two weeks at work have kinda hours are all screwy and then these guys came in yesterday to put in a new sprinkler system so the lab was all crowded and everything was moved around so i ended up only getting to work for about an hour and a half before i gave up and left...although i did get alot of school work done... today i just made them work around me but the sample that i grab is hellish and is going to take me forever and a day to if i get the job with the parks service it might suck cuase then i will have to rush through it..or leave it for Galina which i dont want to do. I will feel bad if i just have to up and leave when they call, although my boss said he is totally cool with it and according to Aaron ( the other guy in the lab not V;s bf) he is ok with it cause Galina and i are burrining him in samples cause we go through them so maybe i shouldnt feel bad...well i better head to chem...JOY....:(


At 12:45 AM, Blogger Nichole Sauer said...


Don't stress dear it's almost all over. i am glad that you are seeing the good of both getting the job and not... you're doing better than some of us.
I just applied for a job today.. I want it because I will get my CDL and make $12 an hour to drive tourist from the airport to the hotel... can't complain about that huh?
Anyways I hope everything works out good.. don't stress over finals. You are a smarty pants and will do great.
Love you sweetie-


At 2:34 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Sorry I didn't call you back. The message didn't get erased, I listened to it, and was really excited, but it was like 1:30am, and then I forgot to call you today, until I got your e-mail, and then it was 12:30am. Sorry. I do love you, I promise! Anyways, I will try to call you tomorrow sometime, after I get off work, although you may be busy studying. Anyways, to finish this up, I"m very very excited about your new job, and you should TOTALLY post about it.
Love -Evelyna

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Ilaiy said...

Well congrats on your job and sorry to hear abt your ticket .. If I am not mistaken you could see if they have an option for community service which can take these points out of your record ..



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