Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arg...i think i am getting sick...again

So i woke up this morning with a sore throat and i dont think it was becuase of sleeping with my mounth open cause i barely slept at all last night....i kept getting too hot then too cold and then when i felt just right my cat started makeing a ruckus. Ash came over yesterday cause Jon was going somewhere and she really wanted somone to hang out with...so we went for a walk and then to dinner with my parents but Ash is really sick right now....like her throat is swollen bad...i think she has strep wich would really suck if i caught that from her cause i havent had strep in like 5 years and i would prefer to keep it that way.
then on the Job front: I am slowly dwindleing away at what work i have left at work adn will probably finish it in the next couple weeks. the one place that i have applied at so far called me for an interview last week while i was in class but when i called back no one answered. i called again yesterday and no answer again. i am going to try today when i get off work. then there was another job that my dad told me about and introduced me to the grad student who was posting it and i emailed her my resume last week. she just email me this morning to tell me that the position had already been filled, wich sucked but she gave me the info for another job (which i think i would like more) so i think after class today i will get on my computer and apply for that one. it is doing feild work in some remote reseach sites just out of town. it would probably require weekends but at this point i am starting to think that i just need to make some money although it does only pay 9$/hr and i dont know if i could get off for the kyaking class that Leah and i wanted to take in august. I think i would in someways prefer the J&L job where its 8-5 M-F for 12$/hr just cause its more money for less work....wow that sounded really lazy huh? but its true...that and in the application for the feildwork job it stressed very heavily that they wanted somone with field experience in rough terrane in ALL weather conditions(which i dont have) and they want somone who can drive a boat and an ATV- which i am certain that i could...i just dont think i want to learn when 10 other people and a few thousand dollars in lab equipment is depneding on me, oh and they want someone to have a good understanding and idetification ability with borial plants....i think i got the trees down from ecology but i definatly dont remember any of the different plant species...well other than labrador tea...but i think i will still apply cause after the last couple days with J&L i am starting to wonder if i will get that job or not considering i have left 2 messages and they havent answered or called me back and Leah said that when she called htey called her a few hours later...
School is school- I finally got over my fear of looking like an idiot and went in to wast some of Dr kellers time yesterday...he made it pretty clear that he doesnt think that i understand organic chem enough to past this class which doesnt exactly give me a boost of confidence but i know that my dad is right in that if i am going to have to finish the semester i might as well at least try to pass...cause the final is multiple choice so who knows maybe i will get an awsome grade on the final and walk out of there with a C...Im almost done with my correspondence class too, i have a little over one more chapter to do, then i have to go back adn write this paper, that i dont want to write cause the book it was on is lame and i didnt read all of it, which i dont think i have too cause i am just supposed to take a concept from it that interested me and write a 5 page paper on it...hard part is finding a part that interested me other than putting it down...then all i got to do is sign up for the final and take it before the 27th:) actually i should praobably call to scedual that soon sents i dont know how far in advance i need to do that.
well i am going to get back to work, and call to schedual my final for that class when the place opens write again soon


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Nichole Sauer said...

Don't stress over Chem. And your dad is completely right. You have to finish the semester anyways so you can at least TRY. Plus remember when you took that last Chem Final and you talked to Miah right before. Do you remeber what he told you. He said "Are you going to DIE if you fail?" No you're not... It's not the end of the world it's just one class, and I know how smart you are so if you are having a hard time with it then it makes me think I wouldn't even beable to understand the textbook.
Also about having to work less and get more money, sweetie I have found thats just the truth of life. Like take this, a guy looks at x-rays of a plan to make sure that nothing will explode.. he makes $100k a year... and he just looks at photos. I mean yes obviously theres more to it than that, but hes not out busting his balls all day either. Or the guys the pour cement... I know one who makes 90K a year and he says that all he does is makes sure it pours out evenly and drives a truck. HELLO how easy would that be.
Well anyways the point is that no matter what the people who don't work very hard make a killing, and those who kill themselves at work are scraping by.. funny how our economy works isn't it.
Love you-


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I'm so glad to see you post again! Yay. I'm sorry you might be/get sick. I hope you don't. Love You!

At 7:43 PM, Blogger AkBaby said...

hey, time to clear up some stuff again..lol you take a lot fo what i say and mix it around..hehe jk. anyways J+L didnt call me back a couple hours later...it was couple days so relax. and if you are really going to be making $12/hr im going to be mad..not really but..umm yeah now i know where i learned how to get so stressed out so easily..love you and talk to you tonight


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