Thursday, March 02, 2006

S i went to church last night with my mom and Leah for ash weds. Going to church is kinda like working out, the hardest part is getting up and going, but once your there its easy and when your done you feel better. They are offering weds services for lent, they're going to be really short, like only 30min and leah and i talked about it and are going to try to go to at least the first 3 because they look interesting, the last two are on work and our nation and i dont think i will got to those, but i dont know, it all depends on the others i guess. and i think i will try to go to church on sundays too, not just becuase my family is going but because i need to figure this all out and i dont think not going is helping me.
I didnt sleep very good last night again either....its lame this whole week i have had even more restless sleep than normal, i feel like i could sleep for a month right now.and then to top it off i woke up with a sore throat this morning.
This is the last week of wrestling too so maybe next week will be less caotic and i will be able to sleep. LOL or maybe this summer when school is out... i think i will take the summer off but it all depends on if they offer this one certification class or not. i want to get certified in Flabotomy, i think that is how you spell it, they are the pple that draw blood at the clinic and hospital. i figured then i would maybe be able to get a more stable job while in school, although i may have to start working nights or weekends which would reall y put a strain on my relationship with micheal, like the summer that i worked at the Prospector and worked EVERY WEEKEND. i never saw him that summer becuase he was always at work when i had off and was at work when he was off, i had the shittiest hours ever....but htis is not a gripe about them and their stupid manager at the time.
so yeah, things are just going...


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I'm glad you are going to church. I know you told me one time that even though some people said that because I wasn't christian that I was going to hell, but you always thought that I would be okay because I had SOME religion. You said you were more worried about people who had no religion at all. So, thats the way I feel, I guess, that I'm glad you are going to church now, even if its hard for you, or even if you ONLY go to be with family and make them happy. Its definatly a start. :D

I prayed for Koa last night at feast. I hope it helped. I thought about praying for you instead, because EVERYONE and their mom is praying for Koa, but no one is praying for Jere, or Court, or You and the rest of your family, but I decided that my first prayer was going to be for him. :D Love you TONS and TONS

At 1:41 AM, Blogger Nichole Sauer said...


I think its really great that you are going to church.. I think its very important to figure out what you want/need out of religion. I don't go as much as I should, maybe once a month, but I try to go and find what I want out of it. It's not easy to figure it out, and there are going to be allot of questions, I always think of something that I don't see how they can explain it, sometimes they can or sometimes its just to weird to ask.. LIKE the dinasaures for instance... how the hell do they fit into the whole picture, and you know they exsisted at one time. I've seen the bones damnit!!
Well I love you, and good luck one your journey of self discovery.

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Jeremiah said...

I am glad that you are going to church I think that it is great. The other thing is that there are a lot of things that you can do during the week you can pray for help with understanding God and his will. I pray all day any time i need help with something tough God listens. The other thing is that God Knows what is best for every one and weather it gos the way you want it or not it is what is best. Sure I prayed that Koa would be born in June but look what Koa has done for so many people.
As for the dinosaurs I'm sure that they are real. I thing that God or the devil put there bones in the ground to test or confuse people. But they are there for a reason. As for evolution I don't think that any thing has evolved without God allowing it. I believe this because look at the human brain it is so more complex than any other brain. And how do 2 cells become one person with trillions of different cells. It has to be an act of god.
Well I love you Rachel
your bro


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