Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thinking of Koa

I keep thinking about my little nefew Koa, every morning and almost every night i log on to my brothers web site to see the latest news and after reading each post i click the comment link and sit there wondering what to write, so many people seem to find the perfect words and i cant. Mainly because everyone says how much they are praying for Koa and jere adn court to be strong and for God to guide them, but when i pray i dont know who i;m praying to anymore cause im still at this point in my life where i dont know how i feel about God, and sometimes when i pray it feels like i am just going through the motions cuase i dotn know what else to do, becuase i cant do anything else, and although i believe every word i say and want with all my heart for it to be answered and that Koa will be fine, deep down i wonder if anybody is really listening or if his small fragile life is only important to those that are still here.
so maybe i should just say the one thing that i do know.... I love you jeremiah, courtnie and koa, stay strong


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Jeremiah said...

I know how you are feeling with the not knowing if some one is listening. But now there is no doubt in my mind that there is a God up there and that he is a great God that does listen to all of our prayers no matter how little or how big they are. With Koa, I have no doubt in my mind that there is a God and he does answer prayers so I hope that you and trust in god with all your heart like I do.
love you little sis


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