Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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So i got a couple responses about my last blog entry, i think i might have not been clear on somethings, although i thought the length of the entry helped to clarify this---I have been thinking about this along time. I have been thinking about whether Micheal is the guy for me for a long time.I probably will think about it for a long while more, becuase people are always changing and growing, but i came to a realization---we have been growing and changing for the past 7 years and i can honestly say that YES i do love him now more than i ever have, and everyday i realize more and more how much we love one another, its the fact that we have made it this far adn that we have made it through so much....what is bothering me is that i feel like everyone keeps focusing on everything that we have been through adn NOT on the fact that we have made it through or that we have worked through all of it TOGETHER. a relationship is give and take and in my heart i know that micheal and i love one another and that there is NO ONE in this world that i want to be with more than him...
Leah- I am sorry but i do think there was a misunderstanding between us adn i am very glad you cleared it up---i think i misheard what you said
Niki- I do plan on moving out with micheal before we get married, but not i think i need to know him better before i made a commitment like that- as leah put it we have been together for 7 years, if i dont know him well enough by now then i have no bussiness loving him the way i do and the like goes for him. I wont however move out with Micheal before we are engaged under the current cirumstances, this is somthing that we have discussed in depth already and he understands why i am making this choice.

I just feel frustrated sometimes becuase i feel like Micheal and i are constantly having to "prove ourselves". from the day that we started dateing there has always been somone who didnt approve of us being together, i guess we were nieve to think that if we were ment to be and could work through our problems and come out in the end still inlove and wanting to be together that people would see what we have always seen, that we love eachother. I do appriciate all of the concern for me though, it makes me realize how many people care about me:) I just wish that i could let everyone see and feel what i feel when i am with micheal---or just thinking about him...i wish that i could show you all what Micheal and i already know


At 2:29 AM, Blogger Jeremiah said...

hey little sis
you shouldn't need to prove your love to anyone but mike and he shouldn't need to prove it to anyone else either. if you want to know my opinion and take it as you may you and mike need to talk more and your relation ship will continue to grow. it seems to me that you both might be running out of things to say to each other. but i know that you and mike care for each other because if i didn't i would do my big bro thing and have to have a talk with you. the other thing is don't grow up to fast it will happen as soon as it needs to and when you are old you will be wishing that you could have slown down a little. back to where i was relationships need communication and trust so live with those things and things will just fall in place. also don't ever doubt your self. if you do something is wrong. also don't loose trust in your family and friends. and most of all don't loose trust in God he will make sure things fall in place for you even when there doesn't seem to be any hope just look to him. God will help you.
love you kid


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