Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deleted post

Just so no one is confused...yes i took a post off of my blog...i think it would be best not to put it on here again untill i talk to the people that it adressed and i dont want them to be angry at me for not talking to them about it first...if you are confused email me....and if you already read the entry and have comments i will still post any response that i it was such a long post i should edit it to shorten it...however i will probably put back up the part about my trip to anchorage to see Koa and Jere and Court cause it was the highlight of my spring break:) so here is that section:
First things first, I went to anchorage this weekend with my dad to see jere and court. By far the best drive down there and back i have ever had, and i dont think that it was just because it was daylight out, the road was clear pretty much the whole time and there was almost no ice!!! amazing i know. so we left friday morning/noon and got down there that evening, got checked into a hotel, and went to the hospital. All week i had been grappeling with wether or not i felt comfortable enough to go in to see Koa but when the time came i went...he is alot smaller than the pictures made him look but he seems to be doing pretty well. I was really glad that i didnt let my aprehention about going down there stop me, becuase i feel so much better about things now. Everyone had me so worried, thinking that Koa wasnt doing that good and that he wasnt improving and that Jere and courts marriage was suffering and that they were fighting alot, but when my dad adn i got there it was a completely different story. Jere and Court are stressed but they are going to be fine and baby koa is impressing his docs everyday:) i was really worried about Jere too, with the stress and everything, but after going down there i feel alot better...he has really become a man/dad in the last month or so adn i dont feel like i need to worry about him as ,much as i was.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

Muhahaha. I cheated. So, Since I have that amazing "Google Reader" which I told you that you should get, I got to read the deleted post just now, even though you already deleted it. You and I have alraedy talked about most of all of that (which I love that we can talk. :D) The only comment i have is although I agree with Ash that it is your life, etc. You know how I was raised with the "asking permission" etc. There is a reason for that, even if we don't always understand it (like how you said maybe they see something you don't). Anyways, I think your parents would give you permission even if they didn't like it, because they love you, so you have nothing to worry about. My parents, on the other hand, wouldn't. My dad said the other day that he didn't think Aaron was the guy for me. I can't post that on my blog cause Aaron reads that. It upset me, but April at least thinks that he could be. :D I love you, and as always, i'm always here to talk. :D (man I hate not having a cell phone)

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Alaska said...

Permision...when legal adults ask permision they transfer at least part of the responsibiliy of the choice to the person(s) they seek permission from. Since I have no desire to be responsible for the actions of other adults I REFUSE to grant or deny any such request.

I have opinions about much and am willing to share them if you're asking. Actually I a have a rather long diatribe composed concerning your original post but I decided to to post it in such a public forum...I also decided to no email it until either specifically asked to do so or at least until I thought about it a bit more. At any rate,,don't ask for it unless you are sure you WANT my opinion.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Evelyna said...

I miss reading your blog. Please start updating agian. :D I want to know whats going on with you. Also, I want to know when you are going to be posting the February 24th Picture Album? When am I getting copies too? YOu should e-mail them to me, or figure out a time when I can get them. There are some I want! Love You.

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