Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life has been well....Crazy

Its that time of year again and life is getting crazy as school comes to an i dont have a ton of free time and what time i do have i have been spending with Micheal, V and Ash so i havent been online alot...that and life is getting too crazy right now that i dont want to write about it cause it would take too long if i was going to rant about all the stresses that are piling should see the list of stuff for homework that i have to do this weekend...its impossibly long....
Chem-Read chapter 11 and 12 (approx-250pages)
do online homework (takes a few hours to do)
do carboxylic acid deriv quizes(4 all together)
do anamine quizes (4)
do ch.12 online homework
do hyperchem project (normally takes about 3-6hrs)
Comm- read ch 11
do ch 11 quiz
ch11 essays
read ch 13
ch13 quiz
disscussion paper (supposed to be 800+ words, polished final draft)
sign up to take final in 1-2 weeks
psych read ch 11 in main text (200 some pages)
read some other chapter in other text ( i should probably look that up)
soc- i know i have to read something and then write somthing about it but i havent gotten to that point yet...i;m not even thinking about it yet...thats bad...

I feel knda guilty for going out with ash and v last night cause i know that i should have been doing all this homework but oh well, i really needed the break. I will post pics of feb 24th later too...they arent that great alot of them are the same but there are some really cute ones...


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Nichole Sauer said...

I'm sorry they are giving you a hell of allot of homework. It makes for a stressful time. Don't feel bad about going out with the girls though, everyone needs time off and a break. Plus you know better than anyone I thought that if you just study study study it comes to a point where you can't take anymore in and it all just goes right out the other ear.
I'm excited to see the photos but don't rush yourself in posting them.
Hope all else is well for you... other then evil homework.
Love you sweetie-



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