Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wasting time before chem

Ok so today is turning into a much better day than yesterday, i was dragging all day. I have a very busy day today too so it is a good thing that i got some more sleep last night. so i went to work this morning, i should finish the last bit of samples that Cassie has for me by friday adn then i will start working with Bruce untill finals week adn then after finals week hopefully i will start my new job:) I have gotten 3 emails now from the national parks service, the latest one being from the lady who does the interviewing and she would like me to call her if i have any questions becuase she has gotten my application...i think i will call her just so that she becomes familar with who i am becuase in one of my classes we learned that people will vote or pick somone whose name sounds familar to them even if they dont know who the person is so i figure the more they see my name, hear my voice or have to look at my application the more familar i will seem to them and the more likely that they will want to interview me adn then after the interview if it comes down to me and another person they might pick me cause i was so interested....its a diabolical plan i know but i am also curious to see if it works...hehehe i figure it is worth a shot.
There is only about three weeks left in school adn i am so excited! i cant wait for it to be over. after chemistry today i have an appointment with my advisor, then another meeting with my Psychology grad student then i am going to call CDE and set up my final for Comm 300 for next week on hopefully friday maybe earlier cause i plan on doing my paper this weekend and then all i have is the fianl and i just want to get it done. then i think i will call the national parks service if i have time, then i will get my stuff together for when Micheal gets off work because we are going swimming with Gabe and his gf, Kaylee. Apparently she really likes me because i am the only person that he knows other than Micheal who is nice to her. I cant imagine how his family treats her, they have practically disowned him becuase he is with her and wont leave her cause she is pregant...his mom doesnt like her becuase "she has no class..." i couldnt believe that she disowned her own son...and a grand baby....but hey its not my life and maybe there is something else that i dont know becuase i am not friends with them or part of the family (TG)
well i got ten min before class adn this is my last break untill after my meeting with the psych grad student so i better head down to class. I will let everyone know how the National Park Service stuff goes:)
OH and V-i am sorry i didnt tell you, for some reason i thought that i told you about it right after Cassie told me about the job but you might have already left for anchorage...wait no i did tell you i left a message on your blog like a second after i had turned in my application online cause i was so excited adn i was bursting at the seems to tell somone...or are you talking about J&L? cause i didnt say anything about them cause its still not for sure untill i know abotu the national park service job...but i am sorry anyway LL


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