Friday, April 07, 2006

So i finally got ahold of J&L properties and i have an interview on monday. I am still trying not to get sick, which getting more than 3 -5 hours of sleep might help but i can afford that right now. i just feel so busy....i only have maybe 6 more days worth of work to do at my job too, and if i work hard then it might be less...part of me just wants to finish it all as fast as i can and be done with it and then actually get to sleep more cause i wont have to get up at 5:30am after being up till 12-1 but at the same time i know that its going to really suck not getting paid for a month....i really dont want to have to dip into the money that i have been saving so i probably wont be going out or anything untill this summer after i get my first paycheck....also i want to go to anchorage after finals so i really cant be spending alot if i want to have enought to go adn see jere and court again.
Also Leah if you are reading this this part is for you- the reason that i asked for 12 at J&L wasnt to piss you off and i really hope you ment it when you said you arent mad at me, i am just thinking about school adn the fact that my scholarship ends really soon so i need to save up as much money as i can now in order to pay for all the expenses that my scholarship normally pays for. I dont know that they will even give me that much either, i wouldnt be suprised if they started me at 10. Pretty much i just need a job this summer that hopefully adn perferable pays more than i get now and working there i get an extra perk-i get to work with you.
well i better get to counting bugs...i hope i can bang out two samples today...then i have 5 left:)


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