Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great...another wonderful day ahead

So have you ever woken up and just known that it was going to be one of those days? Well mine started last night when my cat wouldnt shut up, she kept meowing to the point i was about to throw her in the dog yard with Duke and Jez....She has never pissed me off that much, infact i am still mad at her today cuase i know that while she kept me up all night she is going to sleep all day...i want to go home and just stand there poking her everytime she drifts off...oh and then i tried to cuddle with her to get her to be quiet cause sometimes all she wants is attention and if i let her lay with me she calms down...NOPE instead she clawed the shit out of my side..in fact i am pretty sure i need new sheets cause she made me bleed but i was too exhausted to get up and try to find a bandaid....so then i woke up this morning dog tired and knowing that i have a test in Psych so i really should have gotten more sleep....but i got ready, even started my truck ahead of time to help melt the snow...then i whent to work...i got all the way up here and got out, pulled the seat forward to grab my back pack and realized that i left it at home...this is really shitty cause i get off work at 11 and the test is at 11:30 and i cant take the test without my test sheets that oh guess what are in my backpack..im like a freaking genious i tell you...so i called the house and talked to my half asleep mom and am really hoping that sh ewas awake enough to remember to have my dad bring my bag up here...i guess i will know by 8:30 or so and if he isnt here i will just have to leave work early...I cant wait for this semester to be over....
Oh on a good note i got the job at J&L but i also talked to them cause i have applied for a job with the national parks service and they said that they completely understand that if i get that job i wont be working for them, but if i want it i have it:) good i ended with a smile.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...

OMG! I like how you DIDN"T mention that when I called you yesterday! I'm so excited for you. :D I hope you like the job. :D WHat is J&L again? Tell me all about it, about the job, and what you will be doing, etc. Love you.


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