Friday, June 16, 2006

HA i didnt wait a whole month

SO life has been super crazy...ok not life just work. I worked 12.5 hours the other day and i would have worked alot longer yesterday but i was just worn out...i was supposed to go to a movie with Micheal but then Mike Nicholson called and needed him to help him move out cause the girl he has been house sitting for is coming back today so he had to get out of her house last night...apparently he is going to live in a tent for the rest of this summer....i think he is crazy
let see what else...oh i leave for the field tues morning then i come back for a little bit on the 30th and then leave again on the 1st (so i have a few hours in town to clean my clothes) and then come back on the 15th....I super bummed about missing micheals i cant even explain how upset i get about it if i think about it too long...
he siad he isnt mad at me about it though so i guess i shouldnt worry...but anyone who knows me knows that i cant just not worry.
I feel like a dork right now too i dont have anything to do cause we are waiting to see if we are gonna be able to go flying today because of the rain so i should be making a super long entry but i cant....i just dont have alot to say about my life today....i think its cuase there is too much going on and to try to think about it all and put it all on here would make a novel not just an entry and i would probably just write myself in circles...
OH but one thing i will metion in that V is moving to really snuck up on me and now i might not get to see her before she leaves cuase of work and the whole fact that if i dont go flying today then i might have to go this weekend sometime along with haveing to pack and get all my gear together for waht is essentially a month long camping trip....I'm gonna miss her soooooooooo much.....


At 3:00 PM, Blogger Nichole Sauer said...


I am sure Lee will understand if you are busy with work and can't spend allot of time with her before she leaves. And moving to Anchorage isnt HORRIBLE. I mean it wont be hard to visit her once in a while and I am sure she will come up here to visit when she can.
As for Mikes birthday I've found that men don't care so long as you don't completely ignor them on purpose. Dave is very laid back about birthdays and anything is fine with him. I am sure Mike understands you have to work and that's just the way life is. Try not to stress to much about it okay sweetie-


At 4:52 AM, Blogger Evelyna said...


Its your dad birthday on the 4th right? E-mail me back letting me know if you can, so I can post on his blog wishing him happy birthday. Hopefully he gets it e-mailed to him like we do. :D I miss you every time I see a toyota tacoma. I haven't left yet, so far doesn't look like I will until the end of the summer, so we still have time. :D

Love you, and hope you are having fun.


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