Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mid-terms, cars, cold, houses and wedding maddness

Thats right, its mid-term week(s)... and what am i doing? sitting here in the UAF library sense shortly after 9 this morning, been up sense 7 after a long night of feeling overly dehydrated... ive been sitting here, waiting for my first mid-term to start at 1pm. i reviewed for maybe 10 min and the rest of the time i have been spending ripping music to my computer. Ok i did write part of my Evolution paper.
It is a gripping tale of the great drosophila...for all you lamemens out there thats code word for fruit flies:)
so lets recap life as i know it right now. I have no car, after totalling the tacoma in december... Every possibility that has presented itself as turned out to be a bust and in the whole process i have lost $4500 in a huge mess involving a kid, a truck and a cashiers check oh and that small detail called a valid title... i guess i havent lost it, i just can touch it till after may which really limits what i can buy for now... then the Beretta (my trusty back up car) died this past weekend... then this morning Dad's truck he caught a ride with mom and i caught a ride with leah.... im starting to think that i am cursed when it comes to vehicles..... but enough on that.
lets move on to the house that micheal and i might get... ok lets not, i dont feel like thinking about it cause i dont have a job right now and anything remotely related to money is making me sick...
oh the reason i dont have a job? i got laid off just after the new years, but my old boss and the HR department havent gotten their acts together and closed the position so i have been having to go up there and sign time sheets every two weeks for the last two months even though im not getting paid... and with out a car it is really hard to go get applications, go to interviews or even make it to a job off campus... so really everything hindges on getting a car... get a car, get a job, get a house/appartment, get married(ok i guess this will happend regardless of a car but it might be acquard if i am still living at home).....
Ive put all wedding planning on hold for now, i have way to many things to think about on my plate right now and this was the only thing that i could put to the side for a while and releive a little stress.
so that is about it... right now i am just focusing on making it through mid-terms, oh and ripping my songs onto my laptop:) i keep telling myself that it is not that bad, that things will straighten out...

Thursday, February 08, 2007


You were nothing but a puppy
when she smiled
and called you Bunny
even though your name is
Scrub Dog of the North
from the picture book
in the case by the big stairs
you couldn't climb then
or yesterday, gray-faced and still
as you slipped away
from the girl who called
you bunny